A day in the life.

Since I've been staying at home, I've been asked on numerous occastions, "So what do you do all day?" I've even had it asked, "So how do you like retirement?" That one is almost laughable. I am FAR from retirement, folks. In fact, I work harder now than I did at my desk job getting paid the big bucks (haha).
So in honor of these inquiries, I thought I'd do a "Day in the life of" post for your enjoyment. It's a bit detailed, and maybe you'll find it boring. But it's my life, and I love it.

A Day in the Life of amyD:

5:30- Molly wakes and it's time to eat.
6:00- Everyone back to bed for a few more Zzzzzs.
8:30- We're back up and Molly eats again.

Good morning, peanut!

9:00- It's family time. This includes family snuggles, lots of kisses, devotions, and maybe singing some songs.
9:45- Chris leaves for work. I change Molly's diaper then lay her down for a morning nap. Oh, and I make the bed. It's something I have to do every day. Makes everything official.
10:00- I get some breakfast and put on some coffee.
10:15- Pour a cup of said coffee, sit down and read through blogs/emails. Then have a bit of quiet time with the Lord. This time is vital for me to have at some point in the day, but preferably this time slot.
11:00- Molly is stirring and ready for some early lunch.
11:30- I separate laundry and start the first load. Here's a peek at our closet. No joke. I did not stage this by pulling everything out of the basket. It was already like that. *grin*

11:45- I realize I'm hungry and go to grab a quick bite to eat (a Kellogg's protein bar) and warm up my coffee. Oh wait, the dishwasher needs to be emptied, then the dishes in the sink need to go into the dishwasher. NOW I can eat.

*gasp* I cannot believe it's noon! Must.Take.Shower.

12:00- Shower (minus washing hair..that takes too much time) and get ready. Molly falls asleep.
12:45- I take advantage of Molly sleeping and work on some music for this Sunday. The offertory is Shadowfeet by Brooke Fraser. Listen here.
1:30- Molly girl is ready to eat again.
-I'm simultaneously typing one-handed...writing blog posts, searching the internet for a place to live, e-mailing my darling husband, etc....
2:00- Out the door. We're headed to Babies R Us today to stock up on disposable bra pads. Not the most earth-friendly, I know, but the cloth ones don't always cut it for my leakage. Maybe my supply will even out eventually. *sigh*

After Babies R Us we hit up Old Navy and their 75% off sale (!). I got two maxi skirts for $6 a piece! Amazing. I also got a sweet little outfit for Miss Molly:

and some pretty earrings:

And of course, our last stop was Starbucks. I'm currently loving iced coffee with the coconut syrup. Mmmmm...

3:30-Back at home. I chat with Laur for a few and change the laundry. Zoe sleeps in the warm laundry basket so I wait to fold the first load. I check my email and take the tags off my new clothes.
3:45- Mom calls and we chat for a while. I am so thankful for her prayers :) I feed Molly while talking to Mom.
4:30- I work on our meal plan for the week. On the agenda for tonight...pancakes and eggs. Gotta love breakfast for dinner!
5:00- Me, Molly, and Zoe take a walk around the neighborhood to get some vitamin D from the sun. It's a warm one today!
5:30- I work on taking pictures of my items that will soon go on sale in my etsy shop! (more to come later)
6:00- Molly is a bit fussy....just wanting to be held, I think. So we enjoy some snuggles and she makes sweet faces at me.
6:30- Molly and I start dinner. See what I mean?

Comfy in the Moby wrap.

7:15- Chris gets home and we eat pancakes and eggs. I like my pancakes with peanut butter. Anyone else?
7:45- I feed Molly before Uncle Jordan comes over, and then she gets a quick bath.

Molly loves chillin in the sink.

This is her crazy after-bathtime hair.

8:00- Uncle Jordan is here. Molly loves her some Uncle Jordy!

We play a game...

Ticket to Ride--our new favorite.

...and have wonderful conversation. Until 1 am. And now it's the next day. And we're ready to start everything over again. *grin*


  1. the post-bathtime hair is the best!!! haha :)

  2. I think an Aunt Brittany or maybe she'll call me Brit, needs to get into the picture and fast!!!! She's growing so big and you are doing such an amazing job, though I wish I could come help ease some of the burden.

  3. wow! so much MORE work than a 9 to 5 job, that's for sure. and you do it with such grace!! breakfast for dinner is the bomb. my post today was inspired by your "sufficient" post, btw. but i felt i shouldn't directly reference you since i didnt have your permission first. if it's okay, i can add the link :) keep it up! you're doing a great job.

  4. Thanks for the honest post about the busy days of stay at home moms. I truly dislike the question, "What do you do ALL day?" As if we just eat bonbons and watch soaps all day. My day looks a lot like yours most of the time. Got to love the baby wearing and cloth diapers! P.S. The leaking does get better, I only use reusable pads, but I wear regular bras that don't soak through most of the time and patterned shirts when i leave the house so camos any leakage!

  5. i don't know how i missed this post! thank you for this!