Our date.

Friday night was date night with my man, which was very much needed, and so wonderful.

I left a little home a little bit early to go pick up our treats from here since they close early, and since while I was in the area I went to a couple of shops I've never been to. It was wonderful to be able to browse fun shops all by myself. Talk about relaxing and rejuvenating. :)

Next, I met Chris at our dining spot--Cafe Ephesus, which is turkish food. I cannot describe to you how tasty this meal was. Definitely ranks in my top 5 favorite meals of all time.

Part of my meal: falafel.

Next stop: Trader Joe's to pick up a few essentials, and of course some other fun foods that were a little too tempting.
(i.e. cinnamon rolls, apple cider, kale chips, just to name a few)

And finally, home to cuddle up to a movie and eat our delicious treats! 

Babe, I love you more than words can say. Thanks for asking me out. Let's do it again soon. *grin*

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