The Fruit Farm- pictures galore!

Over the weekend, we went to a fruit farm which didn't really include a lot of fruit, haha, but had fun fall activities. We took a hayride out to a corn maze and pumpkin patch, where Molly picked her first pumpkin! 

It was so fun to watch her trampse through all the pumpkins and tripping on the vines. At first she was pointing and saying "ball!" Then we taught her pumpkin and she continued....

"punkin! punkin!"

It was so awesome. I love seeing her experience new things in life. It's one of the most incredible things about being a parent, in my humble opinion and short 16 months of experience. 

Ok, enough words. Onto pictures. Many, many pictures. :)


  1. Looks like a lovely time with big ear-to-ear smiles radiating from all!

  2. so much fun! Love the pictures! You are a pro :)

  3. Looks like such fun!! So excited about your baby on the way!!!

  4. Love your blog! Newest follower!
    Follow me back via GFC too?!?!

  5. What great pics!! It looks like so much fun!! :-)