Update on life.

Welp, there I go again, not blogging for longer than I expected. 
What can I say, life has been busy. Really busy. 

I'm participating in a craft show at the end of November, so my naptimes (haha, ok, Molly's naptimes!) have been full of creating. Like, basically start to finish. But I'm super excited about the things I'm taking. :)
We took a road trip to see some precious friends and be there for their beautiful baby girl's dedication to the Lord. It was SO good to see them all and spend time with them and their families. They just feel like our own, they really do. :)
Chris declared October as our "eating vegan" month. And for the most part, we did pretty well! It sure has kept me busy though with meal planning and an average of 1-1.5 hours preparing dinner in the kitchen each night (which is a lot for me. I've typically been a food-preparer, not a cook). :)
Oh, how could I forget? Revival services at church. While the 5 nights straight of services (7 services total when you include Sunday morning) were filled with good preaching, it was exhausting for me as the music leader. Pile together the planning and prep work, making sure we had dinner to come home to, singing that many days in a row while being almost 30 weeks pregnant....Haha, I'm actually laughing. Needless to say, I was glad when it was over. :)

I know that it's so easy to let busy-ness get out of control, so this past month, I've been trying desperately to still take many moments throughout the day to get on the floor and play with Molly. To hug her often. To love on her in a way that she knows that she is more of a priority than any of this. We've had Starbucks dates, play time at the park, lots of walks, and lots of reading books and doing puzzles.  

ANYWAY, I thought you all deserved an update. :) 
And of course, I couldn't hit publish without adding a few pictures as of late:

She's laughing here. Little goober, that's what she is.

A few shots of Molly wrapping up her baby in a giant blanket. 
Most times, she brings both to me and says, "Wrap! Wrap!" 
So I swaddle her baby and she just giggles the whole time. :)

Mad props for trying, right?

A little bit of embracing the camera.
Because in 20 years, she won't care about my make-up-less face and my crooked glasses. She'll probably get a kick out of the fact that she's holding a spray bottle and my camera lens (which she kept trying to put back on my camera)(hence her not looking).

And finally, a 29 week belly picture. Little boy sure is growing!!

**This post brought to you in part by my sweet daughter who actually stayed asleep in bed when I slipped out this morning. This is maybe the first time in probably, a whole month that this has happened?? Thank you, sweet girl. Your tired mama needed that.


  1. Tell me more about the craft show...I would like to come and support you. Date? Time? Location?

  2. Wow - you have been a busy lady! I love the pics of Molly and her baby. Too cute! And you look great!! How are you feeling?

  3. yay! yay! yay!! loved the whole post, but especially that last part! good job molly :)