Flying with a Toddler


She fell asleep in my arms the last time we flew. Pure sweetness. :)

Amidst the business of laundry, packing, ironing (ick!), and all three of coming down with colds (double ick! or should I say triple...), I am remembering our most recent flight experience. 
Now, I should say, I was much less pregnant, and I had the tremendous help of my dear husband. So this time will be much different. But here are the tips I am remembering for myself that I also want to pass along to you!

*Be the LAST to board the plane.
Once you're on the plane, you're stuck until you land again. So why board early and spend that half hour or so cooped on the plane when I could let her run around the terminal and expend some energy? I think all four of our flights last time, we literally walked on the plane, sat down, and they took off within 10 minutes. It was great. :)

*Bring "new" toys and books.
A lot of people will tell you to buy brand new toys or books, but I know for Molly, there have been some books that I've bought that she has no interest in. So what I've done each time is to set aside her favorite books and toys a few days before we leave so that when she sees them again on the plane, they are "new" and she is excited about them.

*Wear your baby instead of bringing a stroller.
I know some people might disagree with this one. But this works very well for us. I take the bare minimum in my carry-on and it is much more bearable and less stressful to me than having to deal with a stroller. This way I can wear her right through security (except last time when I took the ring sling. Uh, duh Amy, the rings are made of metal.) This time we'll be sure to have a metal free sling, and all will hopefully be well. :)

*Don't bring a knife.
Um, could that have gone without saying? The last time we flew, we were on our way home and got stopped in security and my bag was checked. And what did they find in the inside pocket? A knife. Yep. A kitchen knife that I had in my bag to cut up Molly's food. I must have just not remembered it was in there, and I didn't see it the whole trip. But you know what that also means? We were on our way home, so we had already made it through  the Columbus airport and they hadn't caught it. Scary stuff if that wouldn't happened to the wrong person. 

And that's about all I've got! Although after this trip I may have more to add. *grin*  Please say a prayer for me if you think of it. Pray for a cooperative child and lots of physical strength for me. I'm going to need it! :) :)

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