Life right now.

My house is a wreck.

Molly has pulled all the clean laundry out of the basket.

I just made muffins from a box for my contribution to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.
Had to give up making them from scratch. Can't do everything, right? 

My child is walking around with oreo smeared all over her. Oreos with red filling. Picture that. And thank you husband.

I have a crazy amount of things to do yet tonight in preparation for leaving tomorrow and the craft show I'm participating in this Saturday.

Yet, I'm taking a minute to blog while I, myself, eat a few oreos. :)

It is so incredibly tempting for me to just want to fast forward to the end of this night when everything is perfect. Muffins made, laundry put away, packed for tomorrow, house clean, kid asleep, and everything ready for Saturday. 

But I had a mini-revelation that made me want to pause. 

This is life.

These moments, these precious moments, are what make up life. My type A self wants everything to be finished and perfect. But if I only focus on the end result, I'll miss all the joys that make up the journey of getting there.

And gosh, golly, that sure makes all this more enjoyable.

Thanks for letting me share, friends. 
Happy Thanksgiving. :)

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  1. Oh there are no words to express how happy this makes me!! So so proud of you my dear friend :o)