A day in the life.v2

This e-card cracks me up. 
But, it's not the reason for this post, I promise. 
I documented a day in our life last year, if you remember (see here). It's something I really enjoy reading over and over again, reminiscing of that particular season of life. I recently read Casey's and Lindsy's day-in-the-life posts, and decided I was due for another one. So if this is boring to you, sorry. It's a little more for me than you, haha. :) But if you're like me and enjoy reading these things, then, well, enjoy!!

7am- Wake up.

7:30am- Chris leaves for work. I sip on coffee and read through some blogs. Getting in some good me time. 

8am- Molly girl wakes up. For the first time ever, she calls for me from her bed: "Mommy! Mommy!" My heart literally swells with joy, and a few tears well up inside my eyes.

We snuggle for a good bit. She is so snuggly right when she wakes up. I love it. After snuggles, we change her diaper, get some milk, and she plays with her babies and new matryska dolls. 

9am- Breakfast time. Waffles and berries. Little girl must be going through a growth spurt because lately she's been a clean-plater almost ever meal, and asking for more! (Growing up, if we finished all our food, we were called a "clean-plater", haha)

9:15am- Clean up breakfast and warm up my coffee. 
The next couple of hours are a hodge podge of things:
*I have quiet time with the Lord. I've come to grips with the reality that this time period may shift through different seasons of life. 
*I work on our meal plan for the week and corresponding grocery list.
*Molly plays with her toys. She usually plays really well by herself for a good chunk of time. 
*We do puzzles together. We learn about colors, trying to keep repeating them and showing her different things around the house.  She'll pick up on it eventually!
*We read her favorite ABC book. She knows practically all of the animals.

11:15am- She's down for her first nap. I pulled out my sewing machine for the first time since preparing for my craft show and got to work on my pillowcase that I will take to the hospital when baby boy is born. You can read about Molly's here
My second project was a bow tie for a teenager in our church that has played drums for us the last couple of years. A few weeks ago, he said he wanted a bow tie and I told him I'd make him one. It think he thought I was kidding, so I hope he's excited! 

Yes, the pillowcase and bow tie were made with the same material! :)

1:15pm- Molly is up from her nap, but happily talking and playing in her bed, so she'll stay there for a little bit while I finish up a few things.

2pm- Lunch time. I make us a smoothie to drink first, and then prepare lunch. Usually, Molly and I have the same thing for lunch, but today she is having a PBJ, some cheese, and some raisins. I have leftover fish and some salt & vinegar chips. Yum.

Today's smoothie: banana, apple, spinach, & frozen peaches.

2:30pm- Lunch is over, dishes are cleaned up. Time to get ready to go on a walk, which is quite a process now that it's getting cold out. I think we spend more time getting ready than we do actually outside! Haha.

3:00pm- Leave for the grocery store. This takes longer than expected, mainly because halfway through, I have to slow my pace (like, s l o w) thanks to little boy. :) But in the end, my joy is found again thanks to the cashier giving Molly a ballon and her finding endless delight in it. 

4:15pm- After a quick Starbucks stop, we're home. I carry the groceries in (really should start letting hubby do that...) and stop for a few minutes to put my feet up and sip my mocha while it's warm. Molly is still wildly obsesses with her balloon, which she adorably calls, "moon". 

4:30pm- Molly goes down for another nap and I unload the groceries and then sit down and open the mail and packages we got. I'm crazy in love with this card I ordered to hang on baby boy's wall.

Ordered from here. The sweet shop owner even threw in this extra thank you card! :)

5:30pm- Chris is home from work. We catch up on our days a bit and then he gets Molly up and they play while I start cooking dinner.  

6:15pm- Dinner is served. Molly isn't too interested, so before long she's off and back to playing. 

7:30pm- We decide tonight would be a great night for ice cream at Farmhouse. Delicious sundaes, and a sample taste of their yummy caramel corn!

Watching the train that goes all the way around the store:

9:30pm- Molly goes down for bed. Time to relax! We start watching The Office--Chris's idea is to watch each season's Christmas episode over the next week. Great idea, right!?! :)
I work on editing pictures from the day and writing this post. Then it's time to knit--my nightly relaxation ritual. (And, let's be real, finishing up some Christmas gifts!) 

11pm- Time for bed. :) Night night, world!


  1. I love day-in-the-life posts! It's great to see real life being lived out :) Happy Wednesday!!!

  2. I love it! I kinda miss those days of two naps. :-) And I can't believe you can still WALK to the grocery store! I was definitely very slow moving near the end with my second. :-) Way to go!

  3. So many things about this post warmed my heart! :o) *love* what you are doing with baby boy's decor and that verse is perfect! Molly is really growing up beautifully and perfectly! She is going to naturally fit into her new big sister role :o) I hope you are feeling as great as you look! Miss you guys!!