Friday Highs.v43

Well, I forgot to post this yesterday. So it's Saturday, but whatever. That just means, 

Happy DUE DATE to me and my little! :)

*and an added Friday High at the end that happened after I originally wrote this post. 


I'm glad it's pretty much melted, but the snow sure was beautiful. 


Funny story: We went to a wedding a few weeks ago (a childhood friend--been friends with her for longer than anyone else!). And or course, being 38 weeks pregnant, it was a struggle to find something to wear. 

I finally settled on a dress that I had to pin in multiple places and I felt extremely uncomfortable in it. I paired it with a black sweater that was so fuzzy, it was atrocious. So I convinced Chris to stop by the mall to see if I could find a new black sweater. 

45 minutes before the wedding started. 

Who knew a black sweater would be so difficult to find? I finally  found a dress--yes, a brand new dress--in Macy's, walked out of the fitting room, and had the lady scan the tag while I was wearing it. She was so kind. Said this wasn't the first time it'd happened, and she even offered to cut the tag off for me.

At that point it was 35 minutes before the bride was to walk down the aisle, I was literally booking it as fast as my preggo body could take through the mall. Bless my dear husband's soul. 

Bottom line? We made it to the wedding on time. 
And I felt super in my new dress. 

Here's a crappy pic to prove it. :)


And this. Oh my goodness, this. This moment actually happened, and I'm about to pee my pants again just reminiscing. 

Since we were kind of pushing it time-wise (to the wedding), we took the last spot in the parking lot. Which just so happened to be half of a spot where the snow plow hadn't quite got it all. But we parked anyway and Chris just climbed through the passenger side. No big deal.

But then, THIS happened on his way back into the car. He was straight up stuck. Oh glory. Words just can't do it justice. 
One of the greatest moments of the day, hands down. :)


Daddy lets her do things that Mommy is a little too type-A for.
Like playing in the kitchen sink. 
But gosh golly, look at her sheer delight!!

Also, can you see my new coffee mug print? From this etsy shop! 


Still scenes from a quiet morning.


Earlier this week, we were watching Praise Baby in the morning, and Molly girl was sweetly stroking my hand. *bestillmyheart*


This face. Just kills me. :)


Yesterday goes down in the books as a pretty special day in our family's history. Molly said "I love you" back to Chris for the first time ever.  (AND, that's her first three-word sentence!)
Even though I was a little jealous she said it to him, I was glad he got to experience it, especially because I get to to see so many of her firsts. 


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