His space.

Little man will be residing in our bedroom for a while before he and Molly share a room. Of course, I wanted to make his space a little bit special and boyish. 

And if you know me, my desire was to do it on a dime! :)

His wall art:

This canvas was completely inspired by this post from this lovely lady. Originally from this lovely lady! 
How's that for inspiration?! Haha.

  Twigs found outside. Already had the canvas and felt on hand.

This was the only money I spent on his art. It's actually a card, but I knew it'd be perfect as a small print on his wall.
From here.

My dear friend, Kylee, made this for him. I cannot get over how well it fits with everything. I am absolutely in love with it. :)

And finally, a homemade mobile made from yarn pom-poms. :) 

This whole space makes me pretty happy. I'm giddy with excitement  just dreaming about the little guy that will soon grace us with his presence. 


And YES! His name starts with the letter "C". 
Guess away, my friends. Guess away. :)

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  1. That's hilarious that you put the last comment because that was my first thought when I saw the pics! Praying for you and Chris and baby.