Baby Reed, take TWO

No, not twins. :)
It's the second gift I've made for Baby Reed.
See the first here.
See baby's mom's blog here.

I had a stack of Kevin's (Baby Reed's dad) tshirts from our garage sale last summer. This particular one is from the college that they went to.  Also, I didn't get a good picture of the pants, but they were made using a pair of Molly's newborn pants as a pattern. Then I kind of winged it (wung it? how do you say that?) and added a big butt. Kind of like these pants. 

The flower headband (insert giddiness) was made using this tutorial, only I added some tulle and a little bit more fabric to make it fluffier. 

It's somewhat hard to see, but I added some ruffled tulle around the design. (Thank you, Lauren, for the idea!)

Baby Reed, I already love you SO much, and I can't wait to meet you!!

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  1. So cute Ames! You are so good! I love the headband :) Love you friend!