Friday Highs.v30

I've been finding an extreme amount of joy lately in raising this little girl. Words can't even describe it. It's the little things, that I'm sure would bore most of you. But they make me beam.


Ok, ok, I'll share one thing. *grin* Molly girl has this bear puzzle (like Goldilocks and the three bears, only minus Goldilocks.) Of all the puzzle pieces--there have to be, like, fifty--her favorite are the little bear heads. She carries them around everywhere, is constantly putting them in her mouth, and sometimes even goes down for a nap with them. Weird, huh? :)


My new camera strap. Made using this tutorial. Too bad it took me longer to put on than it did to actually make it. Not kidding.

(Just keepin' it real with the imperfect stitching. *grin* Was that one of those moments where no one would have noticed if I didn't point it out?)


Remember how last Friday Highs I had the supplies bought to paint my table. Check. Table is painted. Of course I will keep you waiting in suspense to see the finished product. (This means I've been too lazy to take pictures of it.)


THE most delicious lunch. Green smoothie (packed with spinach) and almonds and sunflower seeds. Eating healthy can taste so good!

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  1. AWW! Well, she is gorgeous!

    I love my daily green smoothie as well :)

    LOVE the paint color!