What should be Friday Highs

I know the general tone of my blog is joyful, happy, fun. Showing a positive outlook on life. Finding life's little joys in the routine and mundane. 

But I also don't want to leave out all realities of life. Because it's not all sunshine and roses. And I don't want anyone to look at my life and only see that. 

Some days, I feel like doing just what those pots say--fly away. To pick up my little family and just fly away. And lately, I've been feeling that way a lot. 

Specifically this week, I think it has in part been because I've been arguing with God. Straight up arguing. You see, I seek to do His will for my life. Really, I do. I desire to be nowhere else but in His will. And in the end, I know that is what I'll choose because I just know better than to be outside of where He wants me.

Yet still, somehow, I think I know what is better for my life. I want it to go this way. You see God, clearly, this direction is better. *grin* 

So this week I have been faced with these questions, "Yes, but just what if I call you to continue just where you are? Will you still listen? Will you obey? Will you stay put and serve with a joyful heart?"

And my answer this week has been leaning towards no. (Hence, the arguing. Kicking my feet. Dragging my heels.)

Such is the journey of walking with the Lord.

I'll get there, friends. Please don't consider this as "Oh no! Amy's turning her back on the Lord!" Consider it a fresh dose of reality. A moment of honesty on what my journey of seeking Him looks like. And as tough as it may be sometimes, I pray it never ends.

Happy weekend. Hopefully regular Friday Highs will resume next week. :)


  1. I love this, because it's totally the reality of walking with Christ. It's an uphill walk, but, there are caves we stop in along the way. Love it girl, and I love finding other bloggers who love Jesus!

  2. Thank you for your honesty! And you know what, even if we lie about it, he knows our hearts. He wouldn't have you be any other way. Your heart is incredibly beautiful. You seriously inspire me.