For the boy

So yep, number two is a boy. 

Quite honestly, I've felt this whole time that he was, so when we found out, it was more reaffirming than anything.

If you follow me on pinterest (here) you've probably already seen all these things that I'm giddy to make for him.

Now to just find the time... :) 


  1. Ok, Several things!
    1. You joined Pinterest?! Oh my gosh, I swear I look at things all the time and I am like "gosh, I wish Amy had pinterest so I could show her these things that she would love!" Now you have it! So excited :)

    2. These are such cute baby boy things! I LOVE the bowtie onsies. Can't wait to meet him.

    Love you friend!

  2. That blue sweater is gorgeous!